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Multimodal Transport Law and Operations e-Learning Module

1. Context and Rationale

Under this sub-component ARISE Plus has provided support to develop a capacity building Going Multimodal Programme with three components: technical assistance, international standards and knowledge exchange.? The expertise of the ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Associations (AFFA) was involved in the capacity building activities.

As part of these initiatives, ARISE Plus has developed an online e-learning package based on the multi-modal training material prepared by JAIF and AFFA and currently made available via the ASEAN website. The current package is an initial version, to be supplemented by voice-over and testing components, leading to the issue of a certificate if AMS agree. Additional images may also be added to promote user-friendliness.

To facilitate learning, the module should be publically accessible, based on the disclaimer originally provided with the JAIF funded resources. ARISE Plus has not made any changes to content, merely converted the existing materials to a new model of learning for distribution. However, should AMS wish to track completion rates and to record those participating in the learning module, it would advisable to introduce a Learning Management System, which would then mean a form of restricted access, via verification of email or other mechanism.

2. How to Use the Module

Please download the zip and save it onto your desktop. Due to the file size, it will download as a zip folder in the first instance. You will then need to unzip and copy the folder ‘Multi-Modal Transport V3 27th March 2019 – Storyline output’ onto your desktop. Inside the folder is the file Launch Story.exe. Double click on this and a player window will open with the course content ……. to move back and forwards you can click on the previous and next buttons.

Alternatively, you may use the Web version to run the package from the internet, but this only works with Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

2.1 Module Introduction

This module consists of five (5) learning outcomes and aims to give the participant a practical and theoretical introduction to concepts and applications associated with Multimodal transport across ASEAN.

2.2 Objectives

2.1 To gain basic understanding of legal systems & regimes as applicable to freight management in general and multimodal transport operators in particular
2.2 To understand the responsibilities and rules governing the multimodal transport operators
2.3 To understand the different scope and perspectives of multimodal transport operations
2.4 To understand the legal rules of multimodal transport operators
2.5 To understand the liability of multimodal transport operators
2.6 To understand the legal perspectives of the multimodal transport operators responsibilities through an examination of decided court cases

2.3 Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1 To understand the key concepts of unimodal, intermodal and multi-modal transport and their application within the ASEAN Framework Agreement for Multimodal Transport (AFAMT)

Learning Outcome 2: To understand the players and stakeholders involved along with the current practices and developments within multimodal transport

2.1 To understand each player and its role in transport operation
2.2 To understand the liability of Freight Forwarder
2.3 To understand the liability of Multimodal Transport Operator

Learning Outcome 3 Understand and become aware of the practical issues, approaches and operational practices in multi-modal transport

3.1 To understand the form of Intermodal and Multimodal Transport Operation
3.2 Aware of connectivity between modes of transportation

Learning Outcome 4 Understand the factors that affect multi-modal transport operations

4.1 To understand which factors may impact on the multi-modal transport operation
4.2 To be able to identify why such factors are important and their roles

Learning Outcome 5 Define transportation terms and understand key aspects of Articles within AFAMT

5.1 To understand how to implement multi-modal transport operation as Operator
5.2 To understand ASEAN Framework Agreements related to Transport Facilitation
5.3 To understand the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Multimodal Transport

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